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Bitch Slap Radio Tonight w/ Stereo Skyline

We got our selves a wild show, the Taken Action tour is under way and tonight we will have the band Stereo Skyline calling into the study to talk about joining the tour, and to answer questions from there fans! Also on the show tonight we will have the worlds greatest monday, as well as an Epic Bitch Slap of the week! We talk about the Super Bowl, as well as the crazy parties that went down this week! We will also find out if Gay Tyler went to the strip club yet, and will get an insight on is it gay or not the new segment this week on Bitch Slap Radio. As always we are live tonight at 10:30 Pm Est Time! AIM: Bslapradio Twitter: @DjPanKaKe  Skype Call us: bitchslapradio