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Bitch Slap Radio With We The Kings Tonight

Tonight on Bitch Slap Radio! We the kings will be calling in to talk to us about the take action tour! You the fans can twitter us @Djpankake all your questions for the band! we have our very own Cougar coming in on the show, thats right you heard me correctly our very own cougar in studio. Also tonight we have the Bitch Slap 2010 Gay Off! Taylor Vs. some other gay guy who is the gayest person ever on the radio! Also on the show we talk about the Tiger Woods drinking game, and oh yea Us just beat the shit out of Canada in the hockey game last night, so Canada you know what you can suck it! We took  Taylor to the strip club this week, so get ready to hear stories of saggy boobs, and nasty vaginas as he went to the dirtiest club we could find. It all goes down tonight on Bitch Slap Radio! AIM: Bslapradio Skype: bitchslapradio Twitter: @Djpankake