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Bitch Slap Radio

Bitch Slap Radio Live Tonight at 10:30 Pm Est!

Whats up Bitch Slap Fans! Its monday night, its time for Bitch Slap Radio! So Fuck You!

Tonight on the show we have a brand new bitch slap band of the week Cee-Lo Green and his song Fuck You, and after rocking it, the entire theme of tonights show is well, fuck you!

On Bitch Had it coming we talk about Paris hilton fucking her self once a again.

Then on the show we talk about people who walk around with undesired sense of compliment, like K-fed or Francis, or that one dushebag who drives that Porsche that everyone hates you know that guy…

So get ready! We go live at 10:30 Pm Est time make sure to tune in, live on  BitchSlapRadio.netor  idobiRadio.com

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