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New XtremeBitz Podcast

A live, un-edited interview with  Water and Bodies  (while they bar it up).  We quickly  discover  that this band can smell the fact that we do our interviews live, raw, and uncut… they adapt and deliver beyond any other interview.

It’s great to talk to a band like  Water and Bodies!

Additional information about  Water and Bodies:

In a world of bad trends and over-produced albums, Water & Bodies aim to create honest, positive, well-crafted music. Possessing an eclectic indie-rock vibe that mixes the smooth sounds of the late 70’s, hits from the 80’s, and an alternative vibe of the 90’s these Portland, OR natives are no strangers to the music world. Christopher James Ruff (Vocals, Keys), Aaron Tollefson (Guitar, Vocals), and Beau Kuther (Drums) have played together for nearly a decade in other projects–both signed and unsigned — and have experienced all angles of the industry. With a new direction and agenda in mind, the group set out to record songs they could truly call unique. Water & Bodies debut full length album will be released on Feb 22. It is sure to create quite a buzz in the rock world, but you don’t have to take my word for it.





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