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Westerberg Makes Album at Low Cost

Paul Westerberg is learning to live on the cheap. The musician is telling people he recorded his new album, “Stereo,” for about one thousand dollars. That’s because he owns his equipment and recorded the album in his basement with no engineer or producer.

“I finally realized I can capture the essence of what I do best by myself with simple equipment and I don’t need the money right then.”

Westerberg says if his toe taps and someone comes in and says, “Yeah!” then the album is done. However, he says when you’re by yourself, you’re somewhat dependent on yourself.

“I’m not out there to show the young bucks how it’s done because they’re stronger, better-looking, better-equipped versions of me. There’s only one me, though, and I can say that with a certian amount of pride and shame.”

Westerberg says his greatest fear was he’d look foolish, but he says he’s already done that to such an extreme until he’d have to try really hard to outdo himself.

Westerberg also has another album, “Mono,” recorded as Grandpaboy.