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Vanessa Carlton Talks Relationship With Third Eye Blind's Jenkins

Vanessa Carlton’s emergence this year with her debut album, Be Not Nobody, has had its side-effects beyond fame and million-selling status-now the general public has taken an interest in her personal life. Of note recently has been Carlton’s romantic relationship with Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins.

Carlton said that it’s a part of the profession that is taking some getting used to. “It’s so strange, suddenly you’re in the public eye and I’m such a private person. I mean, I wouldn’t tell a stranger who I’m dating and I wouldn’t talk to them about my love life. But, yeah, I mean, we are together but it’s not something that I’d like to make public or kind of capitalize on that. It’s not gonna be like a J. Lo (Jennifer Lopez) and Ben (Affleck) thing or anything like that.”

Carlton toured with Third Eye Blind this summer.

Carlton is currently on her first headlining tour. She performs Monday (November 18) in Dallas, with shows later through the week in Austin, Houston, New Orleans, and Atlanta.