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Musician Joel Looks Back on Career

Billy Joel says if he’d been in a band all these years, “I would have broken up a long time ago.” Now he’s touring with Elton John, and couldn’t be happier.

“When I went with Elton, it’s different than just being Billy Joel. It’s Billy Joel and Elton John. I get to play Elton John music. He plays my music. We play both our music together. I play with his band. He plays with my band…. We play piano on our own. We jam. We have piano duels. It’s kinda like joining a piano band,” Joel told AP Radio.

Looking back on his career, the 52-year-old said, “I was the guy. And I brought a band with me. Now let’s say since 1970 I’ve been doing this. If I had been a band, man… I would have hated my guts. I’m one person. I can’t break up.”

Joel and John, 54, are on a national tour that kicked off in Washington this week.