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Love Comeback Tour Kept Out Of Canada

Love’s Arthur Lee might be making a triumphant return around the United States, but he won’t be playing north of the border for now. The 57-year-old Lee-who last year concluded a five-year prison sentence for a gun violation in California for which he continues to maintain his innocence-was denied a visa by Canadian officials and had to cancel his planned Monday (August 5) show at Lee’s Palace in Toronto.

Lee-who was honored by the British Parliament for his musical contributions earlier this summer-was also reportedly turned down for a visa for a Vancouver show in July, but tickets for that performance had not gone on sale. Promoters for the show and Lee’s representatives say they’ll try to get him into Canada later this year.

The group is slated to perform Tuesday (August 6) at the Continental in Buffalo, New York. Lee said that he and the current incarnation of Love are working on a new album, which could be out early next year.