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Limp Bizkit's Manager Says Band May Not Find Guitarist From Audition Tour

Limp Bizkit’s Put Your Guitar Where Your Mouth Is tour wrapped up Monday (February 11) at the Guitar Center in Hollywood. The band’s manager, Peter Katsis, revealed that the band may or may not find its new guitarist from the talent auditioned during the tour.

“It was never a contest. We’ve always called it an audition because that’s what we’re doing, we’re auditioning guitar players,” he explained. “All we set out to do was to take the opportunity to the people rather than limit it to the available pool from the recording industry.”

Some who have gone out for the audition may be a little disappointed, but Katsis added there was more to gain than just a position replacing Wes Borland in Jacksonville, Florida’s greatest rap-rock band. “If we don’t accomplish it this way, hopefully they’ll find out some great sources for new talent and find out where some talented kids are. And there’s quite a few kids that they’re interested in signing to (Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst’s label) Flawless, because they weren’t appropriate for Bizkit, but they were talented,” he said.

He added that the opportunity for the band was just as great as for the fans. “At a time that we’re unable to tour…it’s been great to go out and be able to touch the fan base. It’s been a great opportunity to come to the surface. It started out as a great idea and it still looks like a great idea to me.”