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Inbox Jukebox #156: Anthony Russo, Syd, Yorke x joan

…This is the Inbox Jukebox:

Anthony Russo – “Midnight”

On a track that ripples with finger poppin’ uncertainty, Anthony Russo floats on this K-pop infused indie bop. And it works so well. “Midnight” will have you swaying hard. You won’t even mind the ultimatum in the lyrics, a tick-tocking countdown that runs out when the clock strikes Cinderella—mostly because this beat is a fairytale that promises a wicked kind of love. Glass slippers or nah, we’ll keep dancing to this one.

Up next: We have to get into his entire Blue album

Syd – “Fast Car”

Photo: Swurve

What’s up, Syd?! It may be corny but “Fast Car” is definitely taking us places: Long drives, when you tap the dashboard to keep from grabbing your crush’s hand. Midnights on rooftops when you’re nodding along to the rhythm and look at each other and then smile and look away. Your heart thumping out of your chest just before you confess. “Fast Car” is all those things, the backbeat is bangin’, the vocals are pure sweetness, and the rock-funky-vibeyness of this track is a whole world of moods—like the big fabulous falling-in-love scenes in 80s teen movies (if 80s teen movies were as good as we remember). Good thing “Fast Car” is.

IJ SHOUTOUT: Yorke x joan – “Window Shopping”

SHOUTOUT to Yorke and joan for sending us bouncing into the weekend on the catchy wavy chill of “Window Shopping”.

IJ SHOUTOUT: Weathers – “Karma”

SHOUTOUT to Weathers for the taunting tantalizing “Karma” that makes you want to skip along to it, while throwing confetti in the faces of your enemies, like: Dance, bitches, we’re feeling alright.