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Eminem's '8 Mile' Gets Thumbs-Up From Fest Crowd

8 Mile, the semi-autobiographical drama in which rapper Eminem makes his movie debut, might just be as good as Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind) once boasted.

Playing to a packed house on Sunday night (September 8), director Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential) unspooled a “work-in-progress” version of the pic at the Toronto Film Festival. Tickets for the anticipated film were extremely difficult to come by, but apparently the around-the-block queue for seating was worth it.

New York Post reviewer Lou Lumenick said the movie is “a rousing Rocky with rappers (that has) astonishing crossover appeal.” He also says the movie’s climactic verbal battle scene between Eminem’s up-and-coming rapper character and an opponent had the screening audience “on its feet cheering.”

8 Mile also stars Oscar winner Kim Basinger, ER co-star Mekhi Phifer, and Don’t Say A Word lead Brittany Murphy, and it opens nationwide November 8.