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Elvis Hair Sells for Over $100,000

A hunka hunka Elvis hair has a new home.

A wad of Presley’s jet black locks, about the size of a baseball, sold at auction Saturday for $115,120. The bidder was anonymous.

MastroNet Inc., a suburban Oak Brook Internet auction house, listed the hair in a sale that began last month and ended about 3:30 a.m. Saturday.

Bidding started at $10,000. Thirty-two bids were placed, said Julie Stoklosa, spokeswoman for MastroNet.

“As soon as one bid would be placed, it would get hit again. It was quite fun,” she said.

A hair sample from a favorite celebrity gives a fan “an association much more personal than that of a simple autograph,” a catalog from the auction said.

The Elvis locks were collected by the king of rock ‘n’ roll’s former hairstylist, Homer “Mr. Gill” Gilleland, said Brian Marren, MastroNet vice president of acquisitions. Gilleland, now deceased, gave the hair to friend Tom Morgan, who sold it through the auction house.

The clippings, which Gilleland had in a plastic bag, are now kept in a jar with a vacuum seal.