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Destiny's Child Remix Album Includes Bonus Track

Destiny’s Child is scheduled to release This Is The Remix March 12 on Columbia Records. The album comprises 13 songs, including various mixes of the group’s hit records, as well as a bonus track from Michelle Williams’s forthcoming gospel album.

The album includes remixes from Wyclef (“No, No, No Part 2,” and “Bug A Boo”), the Neptunes (“Emotion”), Timbaland (“Say My Name”), and Jermaine Dupri (“Jumpin’, Jumpin'”), among others.

“Heard A Word,” from Williams’s gospel debut, From My Heart To Yours, due out April 2, is also featured on the album.

The following is the album track listing: “No, No, No Part 2” (extended version featuring Wyclef Jean); “Emotion” (remix by the Neptunes); “Bootylicious” (remix by Rockwilder); “Say My Name” (remix by Timbaland); “Bug A Boo” (Refugee Camp remix featuring Wyclef Jean); “DOT” (the E-Poppi mix); “Survivor” (remix extended version featuring Da Brat); “Impendent Women Part II”; “Nasty Girl” (Azza’s Nu Soul mix); “Jumpin’, Jumpin” (remix extended version featuring Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat and Lil’ Bow Wow); “Bills, Bills, Bills” (Maurice’s Xclusive Livegig mix); “So Good” (Maurice’s Soul remix); and “Heard A Word” (bonus track from Michelle Williams’s My Heart To Yours).