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Dave Matthews Keeps An Eye On Unconscious Fan In Detroit

Dave Matthews made a fan’s night on Tuesday (April 23) in Detroit, although the fan didn’t know it until much later. While preparing to go onstage at the Palace Of Auburn Hills in suburban Detroit, Matthews noticed David Leslie, a young man from West Virginia who has followed Matthews and his band on its current tour, being wheeled, unconscious, to the first-aid room. Matthews inquired as to what was wrong and was told Leslie had partied a bit too much.

Matthews checked in on Leslie after the show and he was still passed out. The medical staff told the musician that Leslie was a big fan and was going to be heartbroken that he missed the show, even though he was headed to Cleveland for Wednesday’s show (April 24). Matthews autographed Leslie’s jeans, writing “See you in Cleveland…Slow down!…Dave Matthews.” The medical staff took a Polaroid photo to give Leslie to prove Matthews had really signed the jeans.

Leslie was indeed stoked when he regained consciousness…after Matthews had left the building.