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Crazy Town Progressing With Writing New Album

Crazy Town is currently at home in Los Angeles working on the follow-up to its smash 2000 Columbia Records debut album, The Gift Of Game, which featured the hit single, “Butterfly.” The group is in the writing stage, and plans to enter a North Hollywood, California studio in approximately six weeks.

Crazy Town’s Shifty Shellshock said that things are coming along nicely. “We’re very excited. It’s coming along good. We’re doing it with a producer by the name of Howard Benson, he just did P.O.D. and he’s worked with a lot of great bands, and it should be done in about six weeks. Right now we’ve written about 25 songs and we’re weeding through them. We’re gonna pick the best 12, and we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna make it happen. It’s gonna be cool.”

Shellshock says that a first single will likely be released “late September [or] October,” with the album presumably to arrive soon after.