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Bad Company Releases New DVD, CD

Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke knows he should always play as if it’s being recorded, but he admits he tries a little harder when he really is being recorded. Bad Company has released a live CD and DVD this week, both called “In Concert – Merchants of Cool.” It was taped in Los Angeles and Denver.

“I think I’m always aware of when the red light, the recording light, is on and I tend to try a little harder,” said Kirke. “I probably shouldn’t, but it’s just in my nature.”

The CD and DVD also include the new studio song, “Joe Fabulous,” which Kirke says is a take on how the corporate world is taking over the music business. Singer Paul Rodgers delivered the song to the band on tour last year.

“He presented it to us last year in the back of the tour bus and in typical style we learned it right there on the bus,” said Kirke. “We did the song a few nights later in Iowa…a safe place.”