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Art Garfunkel Focuses on Words

Art Garfunkel (news) freely admits that Paul Simon (news) was the one with the words during their long musical partnership.

Now, the 60-year-old performer is trying to break out of that image as he makes his songwriting debut on his new album, “Everything Waits to Be Noticed.”

“We have an image of ourselves, and we carry ourselves all through life with some rough sense of ourselves,” Garfunkel told the Daily News of Los Angeles.

“I’ve shifted my way to respecting words, respecting what comes out of my mouth, having a little more sobriety in my expression of things.”

Songwriter Buddy Mondlock and performer Maia Sharp collaborated with Garfunkel, helping to turn some of his poetry into songs.

“He’d written prose for many years but he’d never written a song until he sat down with us,” she said.

“I had one of the great thrills of my life just hearing my own words come back to me in song,” Garfunkel said.