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The Story So Far – The Gunz Show – Interview with Kelen of The Story So Far

Gunz had Kelen of The Story So Far call in and talk about their upcoming album, the direction the band has gone, and their tour schedule.

It’s kind of funny releasing a single when you have 11 songs on an album because everyone is trying to make guesses on what the album is going to be like. That song is cool, but I think the album is so packed, in my opinion there’s at least five other songs that top that one. I think we could have released any song off the album and it couldn’t have gone wrong, it’s such a seamless album. We’re kind of branching out from the simplicity of the last album a bit. The sound, the quality, and what we put into it is just very crisp and on point. I think we accomplished what we the goal we set for ourselves when going in to record it.