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The Ready Set – The Gunz Show – Interview with Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set

One of my good friends Jordan from The Ready Set calls into the show and discusses his new single, “Give Me Your Hand,” as well as upcoming plans with new music.

Witzigreuter discussed his frustrations with the release of “Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)” being pushed back;

Something is always getting pushed back – if I say something comes out in May, it’s going to come out in July. That seems to be the common situation. So my way of dealing with that is just constantly writing. I’ll deal with whenever something comes out, but I want to have stuff ready for the future. I never want to be in that position when it’s time to put out a new song, and I don’t anything to release. So literally every day, I’m trying to write a song, trying to get something done.

Regarding songs for the band’s new album, Witzigreuter said;

I’m creeping up on 40 right now, but I think I like about 7 of them…”