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“The Gunz Show” – Interview with Josh Ramsay of Marianas Trench

If you know me, or have listened to The Gunz Show… you know that I’ve been supporting and pushing Marianas Trench like nobody else here in the states… for years now we’ve been interviewing them and doing ticket giveaways for all their tours that have come thru the states – from their tour with FTSK, The Cab and Simple Plan… to some dates with All Time Low… to even playing with The Audition back in the day… ¬† we’ve been there thru it all.

But now we FINALLY have a new album out from them – Astoria… and it’s awesome.

Josh called into The Gunz Show and gives us a behind the scenes look into his life – what happened, the demons he’s faced and the importance of the album to the fans and to the band.

Give it a listen, it rules.  Pick up the album!

– Gunz

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