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The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Yellowcard

YELLOWCARD.  A band that I have seen since their first EP… a band that was on the top of the world in the pop punk scene, to facing the inevitable struggle of being replaced by newer, ‘hipper’ bands, to coming back and killing it with their last couple of albums.  And their latest one, Lift A Sail is one for the ages.

I’m honored and stoked to have Ryan Key, lead singer vocalist writer for YC live in studio at Madison Square Garden. We spoke about literally EVERYTHING.  The direction of the album; saying F you to the world and just wanting to write a rock album.  You won’t find the old YC pop in this one, but that’s okay because this is fresh and has some killer tracks on it.

Ryan REALLY gets in-depth on this album, including his wife getting into a horrific accident and the effect that had on him and life, as well as everything in between.

It’s one of my favorite interviews i’ve done, especially in person.   So please give it a listen and enjoy.

– Gunz