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The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Mike Shea, Founder/CEO of Alternative Press

I spoke with one of the better dudes in the music industry, CEO and founder of Alternative Press magazine, Mike Shea for a special and timely interview regarding politics, our youth, and the upcoming midterm elections.

Throughout the past years Mike and I have debated about politics with each other, of course me always being right 🙂  But in the end, we both respected each other’s view points and enjoyed the challenging discussions that they brought.

So tonight, we bring you the #BallTheVote campaign – to get YOU and your friends out there to vote tomorrow, November 4th, in the nation’s midterm election.

It was a fun discussion that we had that hopefully brings awareness to any one out there who may be hesitant about voting or think their votes doesn’t matter.   Check it out!

– Gunz

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