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The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Matchbook Romance

“Matchbook has always kind of gone with the flow. You know, music’s just sort of fallen out of the sky, our record contract with Epitaph sort of fell out of the sky, and things just sort of happened… I know we would all love to have that third record.”

My buddies from MATCHBOOK ROMANCE are BACK baby.
They did an Exclusive interview for The Gunz Show – their first interview literally in years… to dust off the cobwebs and get back at it.

They’re starting it off right; they are on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour…     and perhaps new music as well?  The only way to know is to tune in and listen!

P.S. The beginning of the interview is rough.   I had 4 members on all at different places.   and apparently some of my questions were too tough? So they didn’t really have answers for them.  But it actually is pretty funny.  So make sure to listen to the whole thing. And then go and support them.

– Gunz

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