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The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Fall Out Boy

I had the opportunity to speak with one of the better people this industry has seen; Pete Wentz. It’s wild to think how big Fall Out Boy has gotten, and yet they’re still cool as hell, down to earth, and really have made such a positive impact on music – especially for our “scene.”

So many bands have come and gone, yet FOB still remains and is still able to change things up with each album they put out, to keep themselves interested in it, as well as continuing to expand their fan base.

In this interview, or as I like to refer to it, a conversation, Pete discusses the 10 Year Anniversary of From Under the Cork Tree – what it was like at the time for the band, did they realize or expect it to be as huge and game-changing as it was…

Also, Wentz talks about how he personally is still learning and growing and the ever growing obstacles and challenges that he faces.

I’m stoked on how it turned out and hope you guys enjoy it as well. Feel free to spread it around and follow me on Twitter:   @TheGunzShow

and as always, just ball.

– gunz