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The Gunz Show – Interview w/ Andrew McMahon

That’s all that needs to be said.  I remember being at Drive Thru Records and we received this demo from a band called, “Something Corporate…” described as a more rockish Billy Joel.  At first we were like hmm… but then after listening, and hearing that piano, we were like wow this can actually really work out.

History be told, it has worked for Andrew as he has gone literally through life with various projects that have displayed an immaculate charm and wit to him that has made him legions of fans all across the globe; including one right here.

The thing is, I’ve interviewed him in the past.  And it was always a tricky interview because you want him to talk, but sometimes he holds back during interviews… and i really wanted this one to be special and good…

And the result?   22 mins of a really good interview that i’m very proud of.

Give it a listen!

– Gunz