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Clay Busch – Paige Montgomery – Interview with Clay Busch

Behind every band is a team of individuals masterminding everything from what song should be the next single to what sunglasses the drummer should wear. These are the individuals who know ‘what’s cool’ before the public does and they keep the industry fresh and exciting with new bands, new singles and big-time festivals to keep us entertained.

Getting the opportunity to pick one of their brains is rare and no matter how pretentious it sounds–yes, their time is valuable. Paige Montgomery of Alternative Revolt Magazine snagged a few minutes and words of wisdom from one of music’s hottest young executives–Clay Busch of Arms Division. Clay got his start at Interscope Records working with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga, Mickey Avalon, etc… but his impression on the music industry is just getting started with his latest project, Las Vegas rock band Otherwise. With Clay at the helm, Otherwise is making history as the first unsigned band to reach #1 on satellite radio (which led to the band inking a deal with Century Media Records) and as one of the industry’s most rapidly rising projects.

This is what Clay had to say about his start in the industry, his take on the status of rock n’ roll in music and his ‘master plan’ for Otherwise.

For a full profile on Otherwise visit  http://www.altrevolt.com/headlines/interview-otherwise-jose-mangin-clay-busch