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Armor For Sleep – The Gunz Show – Interview with Ben Jorgensen of Armor For Sleep

Ben Jorgensen dicusses Armor For Sleep’s recent announcement that they will be playing Bamboozle. Jorgensen states that the band will be playing on Friday, the 18th, before Incubus.

When asked about the future of Armor For Sleep, Jorgensen states, “There was a long time when I would have sworn on anything we would never play again, and then we did… we don’t have any plans to play any other shows. I will say it has been fun to jam out with the guys again, and to get in a room and play Car Underwater. But there’s nothing planned, we’re not going to say, “We’re going on a world tour.” Bamboozle’s going to be it. We’re not going to do anything major.”

“I don’t want to say, “no,” but we don’t have any plans for it. We want this to be our last show.”