Crooks - Are We All The Same Distance Apart

Are We All The Same Distance Apart

Crooks UK

It’s not always easy to fill an album that has such a moody theme with good vibes, but Crooks UK manages to make these things happen almost effortlessly. With a variety of music and experiences to boast of, they stay very true to themselves by not shying away from being emotionally upfront and channeling emotions musically.

Pentimento - I, No Longer

I, No Longer


If you needed another reason to believe Bad Timing Records is one of the only record labels you should even bother paying attention to right now, Pentimento’s got you covered. Grab your credit card and make some room in your vinyl collection, because the band is set to release their second full-length album I, No […]

State Champs - Around the World and Back

Around the World and Back

State Champs

Over the past three years, the new wave of pop-punk has been fearlessly led by State Champs. Every release is like a hard-hitting wake up call saying “now this is pop-punk music”, that you just want to listen to until you can tell each song by the first two seconds of guitar. There’s no doubt […]

Mayday Parade - Black Lines

Black Lines

Mayday Parade

The kings of emo are back, and we’ve all been dying to hear what they’ve come up with. Mayday Parade have been going strong for a decade now, and with their fifth album, which dropped last week, of course they’ve still got us all talking. idobi writers Hannah Pierangelo and Alex Mayes sat down for […]

Halsey - Badlands



In her debut album, indie pop artist Halsey takes us directly into her mind to a place she has named the badlands. According to her, the badlands are “a dystopian Las Vegas” that is full of “what some people would call sin.”  Through this fictional land, Halsey is able to take aspects of her real […]

Bring Me The Horizon - That's The Spirit

That's The Spirit

Bring Me The Horizon

We’ve heard the singles and read the explanations of it being a “celebration of depression”. Still, after months of anticipation, no one could have predicted that the same guys who viciously spat out “Pray For Plague” nearly ten years ago would be the same guys taking over the music world across a multitude of genres […]

New Politics - Vikings


New Politics

Everyone else go home, ’cause New Politics are “the Kings and Queens and [they] run this city.” Vikings was our most anticipated release of the summer, which is usually the set-up for a let down. Instead the album has left our minds—and ears—blown, and the only thing we can do is hit repeat for all […]

Don Broco - Automatic


Don Broco

Three years and hundreds of workouts later, the leaders of the Don Broco Push Up Squad are back with their sophomore album, Automatic. Oozing charisma, they throw down dancey jams and just generally seem to be having a good time. In a word? Catchy. One thing that’s always set Don Broco apart is their mix […]

Senses Fail - Pull The Thorns From Your Heart

Pull The Thorns From Your Heart

Senses Fail

As Senses Fail begin their newest record with dissonance and a signature driving beat, fans will likely expect the classic post-hardcore sound the band has been known for since their start in 2002. This assumption, however, does not cover the complexity behind the band’s sixth studio album Pull The Thorns From Your Heart. The album […]

Knuckle Puck - Copacetic


Knuckle Puck

After a number of EPs and supporting roles on some high-profile tours, including an unexpected stint with The Maine, Chicago pop-punkers Knuckle Puck finally released their debut album, Copacetic. Theirs is an album that needs to be listened to a couple of times in order to be fully appreciated. At first listen, it’s easy to […]