#2 – Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy

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EJC #188: Family Force 5

Chris makes himself an accessory to murder / The guys talk to Micha from the podcast 5280 Nerd / A Mexican restaurant will make you co-owner if you finish a 30-pound burrito and ghost pepper margarita without throwing up / A woman gets arrested in Florida for selling videos of herself breastfeeding a baby and rubbing oil on herself / Chris with the headlines / Long time listener Budapest Richard calls and makes the acquaintance of Eddie Jason & Chris / and more

EJC #210: Silverstein, Headliners (online TV show)

We’re #1 on Denver Westword’s recent list of best music podcasts in Denver / Shane Told from Silverstein and Jabberjaw talks about his podcast Lead Singer Syndrome / Jason is the Lester Holt of EJC, Chris is the Brian Williams / Eddie prank calls movie theater and demands a refund for watching the pile of poo that is Batman vs. Superman / Ritchie from Headliners TV chats about early 2000’s pop-punk and his crowdfunding project / Jason with the news Chris would do / and more.

EJC #198: BANDITS, Fallstar

Chris thinks being late isn’t rude / Eddie has a run in with a bad adult and kid situation at a Broncos game / A woman confront a Starbucks worker for stealing her credit card info / Should we stop interviewing bands? / Crazy 21st birthdays with Fallstar / Chris blames Eddie because he ate cheese dip with meat / The latest headlines / and more

#192: Mike Mayhall

[/img50left] Another Chris soundboard prank call / Eddie, Jason and Chris spill the beans about the true purpose of the EJCVIP chat room / Guinness goes vegan / Guest Roulette: FAIL! / Magnum condoms are just a marketing ploy / Eddie and Jason feel confused about their appreciation of Chris on a physical level / […]

#01: Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade

testing 123 gunz show podcast

#191: The Eiffels and Vocal Few

Chris picks the worst post-drinking food ever / Christmas decorations are here / Noted drug addict Rush Limbaugh chimes in / More people die in self-driving cars than are killed by cats every year / Does Jimmy Fallon have a drinking problem? / EJC catches up with Darrin of Goldfinger. Catch Darrin’s new show on […]