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XO (Jake and Jeff of Say Anything) announce debut album


XO, composed of Jake and Jeff Turner of Say Anything, will release their debut album titled  Heart next spring. It will be available February 4 through Rory Records. Check out the artwork and track listing below.

Jeff explains,

“Heart is a collection of songs based on my experiences with past loves.  Even in the worst scenario, there is hope for someone to come along and swoop you off your feet. The story of the album is about finding love. In a way, by going through your happiest and darkest moments together, you complete your heart.”

Track ListingXO_HEART-webres-cover
1. Instrumental 2
2. Waste
3. Sweet
4. Coast
5. Death
6. Crazy
7. Fault
8. Voice
9. Helll
10. Never
11. Heart