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Bitch Slap Radio Tonight W/ Simple Plan

Bitch Slap Radio Tonight brings in special guest Mayday Parade Simple Plan to the studio! The band will be calling into to talk everything from the new album to craziest fan girl (fat chick) stories. Also on the show we talk about why we just don’t care about the winter Olympics, and why you shouldn’t either. We’ll also talk about why Canada is a an epic fail. Everywhere else in the world has shit tons of cold and snow, but not you canada so suck it! James returns to the show this week after being out sick. Gay Tyler will be here to talk about his gay adventure of the week, and why he is a bitch for sitting while he pees. Don’t forget, if you want to call in and speak to Mayday Simple Plan, you can do so by getting off your ass, downloading skype, and calling Screen name BitchSlapRadio – or be lazy and IM us on AIM: Bslapradio or twitter us, twitter.com/djpankake. It all kicks off tonight at 10:30 pm on idobi Radio.