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Bitch Slap Radio

Bitch Slap Radio live tonight!

Bitch slap Radio is live tonight and we got a fucking crazy show planned for all of you!

On the show we have a brand new segment were we find the worst parts about living in certain cities! Tonight we talk about Minneapolis, and Cleveland why it sucks to live in that city!

Then on the show we talk about help lines/service lines how to deal with the morons on the other line that dont even live in this country. Nothing like is here anything else i can do for you? Yes you can lick my balls!

Then on the show we got another Bitch had it coming as twitter makes people look stupid!!

So get ready! We go live at 10:30 Pm Est time make sure to tune in, live on  BitchSlapRadio.netor  idobiRadio.com

AIM:  Bslapradio
Skype:  LoonaticTV
Twitter:  @BitchSlapRadio
Call In Line:  888-99-IDOBI  (43624)