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The Mike Herrera Hour, June 7, 2013

This weekend was heavy. So much fun was had but along with that.. a heavy realization that life has changed yet again. Joining me on my first night here at idobi Radio are my buddies, Poncho & Lefty. Ex-US Navy Seals turned contract Mercenaries with pure hearts of gold! These guys are the rockstars of the military world and I was and still am in awe after hearing so many of their seemingly endless experiences. This episode is like no other and just so happens to be the first of many here on idobi.

Seal training, war stories, drugs, bar fights, jail, snipers, warlords, fields of Cannabis, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalian Pirates, riding elephants, slapping cobras, killing, respect for culture and people, monkeys, Shri Lanka, Malta, Canary Islands, PTSD.

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