Top 10 – Ten Years Strong

By | October 29, 2015 at 11:36 PM

A lot of life has happened in the past ten years. Just think about everything that has consumed the world since 2005—graduations, weddings, the rise of the smartphone, and an entire language understood only by twelve year olds (**insert fourteen emoticons to thank Instagram here**). But while we were bragging about the convenience of our TiVo and trying to unravel the impossibly complicated plotline of Lost, a handful of bands were spending their decade or so kicking ass and taking names in the pursuit of the best day job around: Touring Musician. These bands have spent the years creating memories to last a lifetime, and we’ve been forming our own right alongside them. From screaming out their lyrics in our bedrooms, to snapping digitalized pictures of their concerts on our LG Banter’s, to watching them evolve into the bands they are today, we each have our own personal connection to our favorite ten year strong bands. Today, the idobi staff has come together to reminisce about each of ours. Read our stories below!


A Day To Remember // est. 2003 // By Emily Yee

For me, A Day To Remember has been the band that brings back waves of nostalgia, washing over me. I remember back in my own dreaded emo phase (“it’s not just a phase, Mom!”), listening to Homesick for the first time shortly after it was released. One of my friends actually introduced me to the band and I remember her putting the CD into the stereo while we were in her kitchen, lazily heating up tortillas for quesadillas and stirring chocolate milk (which is still a quality meal for me even today). I listen to it now and chills still run down my spine when I hear their dramatic melodic ballads, I still bob my head along unconsciously to their infectious rhythms as I recall my own teenage angst back when it first came out, and I can almost feel the crunch of burnt cheese between my teeth as I’m transported to the past.

ADTR has created a rapport with the fans that can be rare, with little inside jokes in the form of symbols such as the number 44 to… black crows and golden eagles? On a grander scale, A Day To Remember created a festival branded just for the scene, aptly dubbed the Self Help Fest that happens every spring. It goes to show just how much they’ve contributed to the pop-punk/hardcore genre by promoting both the well-known household bands you know and love, and smaller bands you’ll soon discover. It’s been one hell of a ride with A Day To Remember, and we’ve watched them grow from their debut record released ten years ago, to who they are now. The thing is, I’ve realized that you grow with the band too, and I can’t wait to see where they’ll bring us in the next ten years.